Strange Violet © Johannes BlonK 2016

"Strange Violet", 36 x 48 x 7 cm, acrylic paint on wood

Exhibition Essentie Utrecht NL

I'm very proud to participate in a very special exhibition called "Essentie" in Utrecht, the Netherlands. It is organized in relation to the 100 years "De Stijl" jubilee this year. 60 Artistes will present recent abstract geometric artworks and show you that this artform is young and fresh.

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Numerous events and exhibitions are sheduled in the Netherlands to remember the creation of the "De Stijl" mouvement in 1917 by Theo van Doesburg. With a simple click on the logo below you will know more about it.

Mondriaan to ducth design

Blineonk © Johannes BlonK 02 2016

"Blineonk", 28 x 100 x 6 cm, acrylic paint on wood

Geom abstr hor en




Creating art is an exciting and endless adventure that I would like to share with you through my website.

A 1 lineB 2 linesD 2 lines square red

Over the years I noticed that a lot of unnecessary things surround me. Things that really matter are often hard to find as they are hidden behind superfluous objects. Therefore I focus my work on what is essential, pure and sober in style.

Combining simple three dimensional geometric forms with different colours and different materials I offer myself an undefined range of possibilities in creation. My biggest challenge is to create art with "less".

Welcome to the artistic mouvement in modern art called geometric abstraction. It exists for over a hundred years and it doesn't get old. I try to continue this adventure in my own way creating 3D paintings, sculptures, suspensions and installations.

You can buy artworks directly from me. Go to "Artworks" on top of the site left.

"White Shadows" and "3 Mâts" (at the end of the corridor) projected in an interior.


New Nouveauté

Dreams (cropped) © J. BlonK 2016

"Dreams" acrylic paint on wood, 36 x 141 x 5 cm, 1200 €


Mondriaan to ducth design

Johannes BlonK at the sawing table (2016)In my workshop, an old barn with an oak-wooden frame as there are still a few in the Rhine valley around Strasbourg.

Zorn (detail) © Johannes BlonK 02 2016Detail of "Zorn", artwork from 2016.

   Photo impression

Below some pictures covering my solo exhibition in Brumath near Strasbourg in France in March 2015.

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