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It’s a great challenge for me to leave out as much as possible. What remains should be essential, modest and pure. Humans have a tendency to fill up space, I prefer to leave it open as I consider space as a form of wealth.

Combining geometric forms of different colours and materials I create three-dimensional wall and art objects as well as installations. Welcome in the world of geometric abstraction, an art movement that started more than a hundred years ago.

Long White Line (detail) © BlonK

Detail of wallobject entitled "Long White Line"


Blonk clock logo transparent​:

Blonk ClocK H2 (16:9) © Johannes BlonK 2019

6 different models to choose from
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Encounter of art and
modern architecture.


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Archi-Mini 3D (close-up side) © J. BlonK 2017

Art in the living room:

Gaufres in a living-room (simulation)

"Gaufres"  simulated in an interior. Click on the image for more details.


Fresh (detail centre 2) © Johannes BlonK

Detail of "Fresh". Click on the image to see more.






to reveal
some secrets...

Logo en secrets purple rectangles

Hip To Be Square II:

Hip To Be Square II © Johannes BlonK

Click on the image to discover the panoramic 3D paintings.

The artist:

BlonK in front of BlonK ClocK, Fresh and Limoncello 2019Johannes BlonK with "BlonK ClocK H6", "Fresh" (L) and "Limoncello" (R) at the BOMS (BlonK One-Man-Show) in Bischwiller, France in December 2019.
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