Archi-Minis vs pop-up books in an exhibition

At the occasion of the opening of a public multimedia library in my village Weyersheim in the Alsace in France I displayed the entire Archi-Mini collection (12 in total). Each model was presented next to another kind of artwork, a pop-up book. Often these books deal with art as the pictures show.

It is really great that despite the fact that these pop-up books are fragile, you can borrow them from the library and display them in your home for some time. Furthermore you also have the advantage that you can turn the page after a few days to obtain another "artwork". Check out your local library and see if you can borrow them too.
Archi-Mini 5B & pop-up bookArchi-Mini 3D with pop-up bookArchi-Mini 4A and pop-up book with Rietveld chair







Crédits of the pop-up books shown in the pictures: left: "Voir le jour" d'Emma Giuliani, middle: "Kandinsky un pop-up poétique" de Claire Zucchelli-Romer, right: "10 Chaises" de Dominique Ehrhard.

Coming back to the Archi-Minis, they are doing very well and are spreading out over the world. I recently sold several copies to the USA, France and the Netherlands. Don't think that I will simply stick to making just Archi-Minis the rest of my life, I'm already working on a new creative adventure. It is about time and design, that's all I will reveal for the moment.

Thanks again for your visit.
See you! A bientôt!