Architecture Pure sold to the USA

One of my artworks has been shipped to the USA.

State of New York, USAArchitecture Pure (back) © Johannes BlonK 2014Bye, bye "Architecture Pure". She was shipped by the dutch gallery Bos Fine Art to cross the Atlantic and to find a new home in the State of New York in the city of Queensbury. This art collector can be very proud with his choice.


Town of Queensbury, NY, USA

And those who live outside the USA like me, what do we know about New York and Queensburry?

Ofcourse New York City (8,6 million people) lies in the State of New York but is it also the capital of this state?

Well it isn't! The capital is Albany counting less than a million inhabitants.

You will probably be much familiar with other places in this state like Lake Placid (Olympic Winter games of 1932 and 1980) and Woodstock (a lot of artists live here and the famous concert Woodstock was held here in 1969). You will probably know, thanks to the movie, that there is a town called Paris in Texas. In the State of New York you may run into places called Amsterdam and Potsdam.

The city of Queensburry (28 000 inhabitants) lies on the New York State Thruway (87) that runs from New York City up to Canada. Curious? You want to know more? Check these websites: Queensbury / State of New York.


USA exported Architecture Pure geometric abstraction Johannes BlonK art

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