Assembling the BlonK ClocK

Last episode of the creation of the BlonK ClocK, the assembly:

Assembling the BlonK Clock (hor.) © J. BlonK 2019-08













Tricky job! It's important not to skid with the screwdriver.
If that happens I have to rebuild the element which is damaged.


Assembling the BlonK ClocK (vert.) © J. BlonK 2019-08


For the first time you have a picture showing the intire clock almost finished.

There will be 6 different versions, 2 of them with several colors (like in the picture) and 4 others, much more distinguished in two colors. It will be a rare and exclusive object as I will limit the number of handmade copies to 25 for each model.

In a couple of days (beginning of September 2019) you will see a new tab called "Design" appear in the main menu of this website. Here you will see pictures of all the models of the BlonK ClocK.

Thank you for following me from beginning to end in this artistic adventure.

And... I wouldn't be a real artist if I wasn't already working on the next project.


France Johannes BlonK Artist 2019 BlonK ClocK Design