Busy painting the clockplate for the future BlonK ClocK

Do not disturb! I'm busy with a delicate task and I don't want to make a wrong move.


J. BlonK painting the BlonK ClocK (close-up 1) 2019-07



My idea to create a design clock is advancing very well and I've already chosen the name, it will be the BlonK ClocK.


While other elements of the future clock are drying in the cellar (see previous news item) I mounted upstairs in the house where I'm working on a tricky job, painting the clock plate.




Johannes BlonK painting BlonK Clocks (2019-07)




I prefer not to use any prints for the clock plate but to paint the strips and dots by hand in order to add unpredictable, human and unique.

With exception of the time mechanism, the BlonK Clock will be entirely made by hand by the artist in a limited series of 25 pieces.


Johannes BlonK painting the BlonKClocK (2019-07)






As soon as the paint has dryed out it will be time for the next phase: sticking my logo on the clock plate.

I'm very happy to see that you are following me from a distance, that's what an artist needs to keep continue.

So, keep coming back for news 'round' the clock. Greetings from France.