The Netherlands

Entering second art gallery in the Netherlands

Logo galerie stijl

The 18th October 2018 I received a warm welcome from HansChristiaan Peters et Etta Adriaanse, the owners of Galerie Stijl in Eefde in the East of the Netherlands near Arnhem and the german border. Their art gallery is specialized in contemporary abstract art with a preference for geometric art.

I've been following the gallery from a distance for more than a year, during this period they moved from Arnhem to Eefde where did a marvelous job tranfsforming a garden center into a spacious art gallery which also houses an art foundation. There is a really nice and large terrace where you can drink tea or coffee and admire the beautiful garden with modern sculptures.

During my visit there was time to show my latest creations, the Archi-Mini's. The gallery owners liked them so much that they decided to to take them in deposit for exhibition. From now on I'm represented by 2 art galleries in the Netherlands. For a dutch artist working in France that means in terms of football a score of France 0 - Pays-Bas 2 !

Link to the gallery (in dutch) by clicking on the logo.


Lots of success Etta & HansChristiaan, let's visit Galerie Stijl!


Successful exhibition in The Netherlands

BlonK and Lollipop 2018, Bolsward, NL



Again I had the opportunity to show my artworks in another high quality exhibition dedicated to abstract geometric art.


It was held at a very special location, a church located in Bolsward in the Northern province Fryslân in the Netherlands. This church was severly damaged due to a fire in 1980. Except for one door everything made out of wood was transformed into ashes. Demolition was avoided and the remains of the church received a glass roof as you can see in the picture. Lightning was fantastic and everchanging.


The exhibition attracted an important number of geometric art lovers and it really was a success for me as an artist.