Dreams © Johannes BlonK 2016

36,5 x 141,5 x 5,5 cm, technique mixte, peintures acryliques sur bois, 1200 €


And here is another new painting that will make you have some sweet dreams. At least that's what I hope!

After having created the "painting" in wood I found myself with a real brain teaser in picking the colors to apply. The solution I came op with was to simplify the painting by leaving an important number of items as well as the background white.

Dreams (detail middle) © J. BlonK 09 2016

Until the painting was finished I was afraid and full of doubt about the final result. And even when it's finished often an artist needs some time to apprehend and appreciate his own work.

Fortunately the public assured me with a lot of positive reactions during my latest exhibition in Strasbourg.

Today all my doubt have gone away and I'm sure that this 3D painting will look good in your interior. In case you may have a doubt I will drop by your house to show it to you!

Dreams (detail L) J. BlonK 09 2016

Dreams (detail R) © J. BlonK 09 2016

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