Installation with boats

Essentie Heusden 2017-6 installation with The second edition of the exhibition called Essentie was a great success. It was held in Heusden, the Netherlands in the hall of a shipwarf.

About 300 artworks from 60 artists were put in place, mixed up, by the organization without presence of the artists. When I came to the opening I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my artwork "Leaving Town II" was placed in the centre of the hall perfectly aligned to with the ships that remained in the hall. What a great installation!

The third and final edition of this exhibition will take place in the North of the Netherlands, in the city of Den Helder from the 15th October until the 26th November 2017.

Especially for all the faithful readers of the BlonK News you will find below a nice picture I've taken of the windmill at only 200 meters from the exhibition hall. It might be nice to use on your computer as a startup screen.2017 06 windmill in Heusden, NL, photo: J. BlonK

Johannes BlonK art geometric abstraction Heusden The Netherlands Exhibition Essentie II 2017 Leaving Town II

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