Know all about Stelt Orange


Before starting to talk about Stelt Orange I would suggest to take you back in time to the year 2014 first.

Stelt © Johannes BlonK 2014

In 2014 I created "Stelt" (60 x 50 x 3,5 cm), a composition of horizontal stripes made out of thin pine strips place on beechwood plots. The strips were painted white and yellow at the back in order to create mysterious auriols around them. Wood is a material that is subject to deformation and in this 3D painting you can see the result. Most of the strips have bown at the ends creating something unpredictable within a calculated artwork.

Two years later I found that it was time to develop this subject a bit further which resulted in "Stelt Orange".


For this second version I decided to go for a bigger and vertical format (70 x 60 cm). If someone prefers to hang it up horizontally it is possible as both hanging systems are present at the back.

You will notice that I placed the different elements more inside the artwork and that orange has become the principal color adding a lot of energy to this 3D painting. The white stripes are a bit wider and thicker compared to "Stelt" reducing the unpredictable effect due to the deformation of wood. 

Both versions have one thing in common, the auriols around the white stripes. On "Stelt Orange" I applied the same orange paint that I used for the orange plots on the back of the white stripes to create these auriols. I try to obtain a visible effect without creating a "flashing" artwork. For this reason I do not use a fluorescent paint.

You see art and artists evolve over time and that is one of the most interesting things when you are following an artist. Don't you agree?

Stelt Orange © Johannes BlonK 08 2016

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