Leaving Town

Don't you feel the need from time to time to breathe some fresh air at the countryside?

If so this painting might be something for you: 

Leaving Town II © Johannes BlonK 2016


Leaving Town

Is the title of one of my latest 3D paintings. It's very pure and simple. To my opinion there is nothing more to add. This painting is one of a series in the landscape format with a line as the main theme.



La linea osvaldo cavandoli



A person who visited my booth at the art fair in Lyon, France told me that it made him think about the cartoons "La Linea" by Osvaldo Canvandoli. Why not! I did not foresee this but the link is very interesting.



For me it represents the city at the left of the painting and the road that will take us away from this human anthill. What I like about abstract art is that is offers free interpretation and as a bonus it is often timeless. 

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