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Johannes BlonK Photo Studio 2018

Months ago I launched the idea of creating a series of very pure, monochrome and also mysterious 3D-paintings or wall objects. Today I can tell you that again one of my strange visions has become reality, a new series of seven bizarre artworks has come alive. I gave the varnish some time to harden and now it is time for the next phase, taking pictures.

When it comes to photograhphy you have to watch out for your budget! The equipment is quite expensive and the budget can explode rapidly. A poor artist like me (and there are many others) therefore needs to improvise as the picture shows. Using a window blind from a well known swedish furniture shop spreaded out over some transport cases and the stairway barrier I hope to be able to make some correct pictures for publishing and the internet sites.

As a royal reader of my blog you have the first glimp on one of these new artworks. Standing straight in front of this painting (also valid for the other six) you will only see a purple rectangle. All the rest, the secret part, is hidden behind the central purple rectangle placed at a distance from the background. This new series will have a title that could have been the title of a new Harry Potter book: "The Secrets of the Purple Rectangles". 

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