Purple Rectangles Approaching!

Johannes BlonK - Secrets of the Purple Rectangles - 2017

On the picture you can see me holding "Strange Violet" in my hand. It's a very pure artwork which I created in 2016. 

I discovered that it possesses an important force of attraction. A lot of people cannot resist to close in to it and discover its secrets (see "Artworks > Strange" in the menu on top of this site).

For quite some I feel the need to go further into a certain subject before starting another new painting or art object. Now I feel it is time to go ahead, to do what I really like and I'm really excited about it.

On the palette on the ground lies a part of the material needed to create a series of 7 to 10 three dimensionnal paintings (or wall objects if you prefer). It will probably get the title "The Secrets of the Purple Rectangles". You may notice, on top of one of the stacks, one of the first artworks in a preliminary stage (unmounted).

And what about those art lovers who don't like purple? Don't worry there will be other new colourful artworks and perhaps even the first piece of design furniture with the BlonK logo on it.

Johannes BlonK art geometric abstraction 2017 Purple Rectangle Series Strasbourg France

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