Résultat 3

Welcome! Nice from you to come around again to visit my blog.
This time I would like to explain the realisation of one of my latest artworks "Résultat 3".

Etude pour

This "3D painting" or wall object is part of a series in the landscape format, a format I did not explore that much so far. Originally the background of the artwork was painted black (Mars black is the exact color) as the design picture shows. Once it was finished I found the artwork too dark, too sad and that nothing 'happened'.

So I decided to redo the background and paint it Titan white. I also find that it looks better in a vertical position. For those who do not agree with me or for those who like to change once in a while, I created 2 hanging systems at the back. Changing habits stimulate the brain they say.

Résultat 3 (cropped) © Johannes BlonK

In a horizontal position you can understand the title of the artwork, 3 divided by 1 makes 3. In french Résultat 3. Et voilà!
See you soon. A bientôt!


Strasbourg France abstract art art geometric abstraction Artist Résultat 3; Johannes BlonK

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