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Archi-Minis are rare on our planet. We know of the existance of only 3 families. Their members however have different colors. For Archi-Minis that's not a problem. They believe that diversity makes life more interesting.

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Each Archi-Mini is handmade, signed and has a friendly price of 25 € (excl. shipping cost - see conditions at the bottom of the page). Pick out your favorite Archi-Mini among the following models.

Archi-Mini 1B:

Archi-Mini 1B (top view) © Johannes BlonK


Archi-Mini 1B (ballpoint) © Johannes BlonK

Archi-Mini 2A:

Archi-Mini 2A (front) © Johannes BlonK

Archi-Mini 2A (left side) © Johannes BlonK

Archi-Mini 2A (rear) © Johannes BlonK

Archi-Mini 3C:





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Archi-Mini 3C (Left Side) © Johannes BlonK

Archi-Mini 3C (ballpoint) © Johannes BlonK

Archi-Mini 3D:

Archi-Mini 3D (ballpoint) © Johannes BlonK

Archi-Mini 3D (front L) © Johannes BlonK





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Shipping Cost (by mail) by country according to the number of Archi-Minis ordered:
France, Monaco, Andorra 2 days 5 € 8 € 8 €
French Overseas Territories 5 to 7 days 10 € 10 € 10 €
European Union and Switzerland 3 to 8 days 13 € 13 € 13 €
Norway, Eastern Europe, Russia, Maghreb 3 to 8 days 18 € 18 € 18 €
Rest of the world 3 to 8 days 25 € 25 € 25 €


1. Please use the Contact Form to order. Indicate which Archi-Mini(s) you want, your first and last name, your address and delivery address (in case it is different) and how you want to pay (see means of payment).
2. Wait for my email of confirmation before payment.
3. Your order will only be sent after receipt of payment for the artwork(s) + shipping cost.
4. You will get an email as soon as your order has been sent.

Means of payment:
By Bank Transfer (European Union / SEPA):
Account holders name: M. JOHANNES BLONK
IBAN: FR76 3043 8001 0040 0002 0143 003
Bank domiciliation: ING DIRECT, Immeuble Lumière, 40, avenue des Terroirs de France, 75616 PARIS CEDEX 12

Indicate in your order that you would like to pay with PayPal. I will create an invoice that will make it possible.