BlonK ClocK

Blonk ClocK H2 (16:9) © Johannes BlonK 2019

Exclusive design, handmade by the artist. Limited Edition of 25 copies.
Acrylic paint on wood, 9 x 32 cm, height 17 cm. UTS precision time mechanism*.

6 Models to choose from. Price: 475 € including shipment (details at the bottom of this page). 
*(automatic time synchronisation with an atomic clock by means of a radio signal covering Western Europe, automatic change summer/wintertime).

I had a lot of fun when I designed and made this clock by hand (except for the time mechanism). In line with the spirit of the "De Stijl" movement (1917-1932) I wanted to give this everyday object an extreme sobriety and pureness when it comes to shapes and colors. This is my first step in the world of design and there may  be others to come in future.

BlonK ClocK H1:

Blonk ClocK H1 © Johannes BlonK 2019

Blonk ClocK H1 (turned R 4:3) © Johannes BlonK 2019

BlonK ClocK H1 (detail R. vert.) © BlonK 2019

BlonK ClocK H2:

BlonK ClocK H3:

BlonK ClocK H4:

BlonK ClocK H5:

BlonK ClocK H6:

How to order:

The price of a BlonK ClocK is 475 € including eco-shipping by mail inside the European Union. Other countries: sales via Saatchi Art:
1. Please use the Contact Form to order. Indicate the model of BlonK ClocK you want, your first and last name, your address and how you want to pay (see means of payment).
2. Wait for my email of confirmation before payment.
3. Your order will only be sent after receipt of payment.
4. You will get an email as soon as your order has been sent.

Means of payment:
By Bank Transfer (European Union / SEPA):
Account holders name: M. JOHANNES BLONK
IBAN: FR76 3043 8001 0040 0002 0143 003
Bank domiciliation: ING DIRECT, Immeuble Lumière, 40, avenue des Terroirs de France, 75616 PARIS CEDEX 12

When ordering please state that you want to pay using PayPal.
I will come back to you with an invoice so you will be able to pay via PayPal.

If you change your mind within a period of 14 days and return the BlonK ClocK (at your cost) I will refund.

User's Manuals:

EN BlonK ClocK User's Manual 2019-07EN BlonK ClocK User's Manual 2019-07 (183.83 Ko)
FR BlonK ClocK Manuel d'Utilisation 2019-07FR BlonK ClocK Manuel d'Utilisation 2019-07 (184.94 Ko)
DE BlonK ClocK Gebrauchsanweisung 2019-07DE BlonK ClocK Gebrauchsanweisung 2019-07 (188.09 Ko)
NL BlonK ClocK Gebruiksaanwijzing 2019-07NL BlonK ClocK Gebruiksaanwijzing 2019-07 (183.71 Ko)


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