Setting up a big solo exhibition

On 28/02/2022

In this news item I will show you how I set up an exhibition. I will put my artworks on show from March 18 until May 15 in a magnificent galery called Mozaïek in Zuidlaren situated in the North-East of the Netherlands between Groningen and Assen. As the galery offers quite a lot of space for artworks (200 m², 75 lineair meters) it is better to set up the exhibition virtually in advance. The benefits are clear: the real set up goes faster and smoother and the final result will be much better for the eye. There is a very nice word for this: scenographics, on artform by itself. Pay a attention to this the next time you visit a museum or an exhibition. I do not pretend to be an expert in this but I must say that I've learned a lot from others during past exhibitions.

Let's start by showing a picture and a floorplan (very important to obtain this) with the size of the panels in the  art galery:

Galerie Mozaïek NL   Floorplan Galery Mozaïek

With the help of a special software program I start by creating all the panels in the galery on scale, per group and attached to eachother as a flat space. As I can use the panels on both sides I have to do this for the "in- and outside". As an example I will use panels 5 and 6 (red arrow) as seen from the centre of the galery. The next step consists of importing scaled-down pictures of all the artworks. When this is done I can start "playing around" with the artworks and place them on the exhibition panels. This is what the next picture shows:

Virtual setup
The scenograpic work on an exhibition is in fact an artform by itself and a real profession. Pay attention to this when you visit a museum next time. It is a game of placing artworks into the available space in relation with the artworks around, near and far. You have to create the right atmosphere and create surprises to keep the visitor's attention all the way. The present example is quite simple but things get more interesting when we add sculptures, hanging artworks and installatons. In that case you really have to think in three dimensions.

So far this little inside view. I hope you appreciate. The results will be visible during the fourth BOMS .

Come and see!