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Strange Violet has something to hide!

Strange Violet © Johannes BlonK 2016

I wanted to create a very abstract and pure painting that intrigues and attracts you like a magnet. That's how "Strange Violet" was born.

The artwork painted dark violet creates a soft, velours like atmosphere. Only the shadows on the painting reveal that there is a rectangle in the middle.

This three dimensionnal painting or wall object if you prefer, is also strange in a second way as the picuture below will show you.


Strange Violet (détail) © J. BlonK 2016

Another secret is hidden behind the rectangle: a strange construction that creates a lift-off from the background of 5 cm.

Creating this artwork released a lot of new ideas in my head and I will probably make a serie of artworks with hidden sides and ohter visual effects.

I wrote this texte in January while it was freezing outside and impossible to use my workshop. This doesn't mean that I was totally blocked. Instead, inside the house during Winter I fill in applications for future exhibitions, I take care of the administration, make some sketches for new artworks, contact art galeries and write some articles for my the website and Facebook ofcourse. I hope you appreciate.

2017 - A year with a lot of Stijl

Theo van Doesburg & C. van Eesteren, maison particulière 1923
1917 - De Stijl movement - 2017

The foundation of the art magazine and artistic movement The Style by Theo van Doesburg in the Netherlands in 1917  largely influenced the art world, architecture, design and layout.

As an artist in abstract geometric art I owe a lot to those who laid the foundation of this form of art. I therefore decided to dedicate a special page to them that you will find in the menu at the right.

(picture: Maison particulière 1923, Theo van Doesburg (1883-1931), scalemodel rebuild in 1982 by Tjarda Mees, collection Gemeentemuseum The Hague, The Netherlands)

On this webpage I will try to sum up as good as possible what will happen with regards to this jubilee. Most events will take place in the Netherlands. I will also make my contribution to this special year baptisized "Mondrian to dutch design" with three exhibitions in Utrecht, Den Helder and Heusden-Vesting. Hoping to see you!

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Entering dutch gallery Bos Fine Art

I met a really nice couple of galleryholders in the Netherlands recently: Marianne Bos and Paul Essens from Bos Fine Art. They are specialized in promoting abstract geometric art and own galleries in Lelystad and Utrecht and they also have an internet site through which they sell art.

After this very pleasant and interesting rencontre we decided to work together in the future. This gallery also likes to function as a meeting point for artists in the same field and I think it could be a launching site towards other markets like Scandinavia and Germany.

A click on the image below will bring you to their internet site. You can find me under "Artists".

Bos Fine Art EN

Strak dressed in leather

Strak (cropped) © Johannes BlonK 2016

Strak (detail top) © J. BlonK 2016This 3D "painting" or wall-assembly if you prefer is called "Strak". It is quite particular as the entire background is covered with purple tainted leather. In fact I used the inner side of the skin which is better known as suede.

The leather I used creates a very warm ambience to the painting and touching it is a real pleasure. Each time you glide you finger over the surface the hairs bend over in another direction changing the aspect of the background.

The creation of this artwork started off with the leather background which traced the framework of the painting. For the first time I used the computer to design the other elements in white, grey and black and all made of wood.

My favorite color is purple but so far I did not apply this color very often in my paintings and sculptures. The next and very special artwork that I will present you here will show you that a change is coming.

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See you soon!

Know all about Stelt Orange


Before starting to talk about Stelt Orange I would suggest to take you back in time to the year 2014 first.

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Dreams © Johannes BlonK 2016

36,5 x 141,5 x 5,5 cm, technique mixte, peintures acryliques sur bois, 1200 €


And here is another new painting that will make you have some sweet dreams. At least that's what I hope!

After having created the "painting" in wood I found myself with a real brain teaser in picking the colors to apply. The solution I came op with was to simplify the painting by leaving an important number of items as well as the background white.

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United Colors of BlonK

United Colors of BlonK


Just for the fun I created this mosaic on the ground. It is made out of differents elements of new artworks I'm working on at the moment. I also decied to use this painting session to create a of set of samples of differents paints. It will be a great help to choose the right colors for future artworks. Just imagine that we could not distinguish any colors, that we could just see in black and white. Wouldn't that be sad?