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Photo Studio

Johannes BlonK Photo Studio 2018

Months ago I launched the idea of creating a series of very pure, monochrome and also mysterious 3D-paintings or wall objects. Today I can tell you that again one of my strange visions has become reality, a new series of seven bizarre artworks has come alive. I gave the varnish some time to harden and now it is time for the next phase, taking pictures.

When it comes to photograhphy you have to watch out for your budget! The equipment is quite expensive and the budget can explode rapidly. A poor artist like me (and there are many others) therefore needs to improvise as the picture shows. Using a window blind from a well known swedish furniture shop spreaded out over some transport cases and the stairway barrier I hope to be able to make some correct pictures for publishing and the internet sites.

As a royal reader of my blog you have the first glimp on one of these new artworks. Standing straight in front of this painting (also valid for the other six) you will only see a purple rectangle. All the rest, the secret part, is hidden behind the central purple rectangle placed at a distance from the background. This new series will have a title that could have been the title of a new Harry Potter book: "The Secrets of the Purple Rectangles". 

Export to the USA

In France we have a famous number: 36. If you have seen some french police series and especially some old french gangstermovies from the sixties/seventies with actors like Alain Delon and Lino Ventura, 36 might sound familiar. At no. 36, quai des Orfèvres in Paris you can find the police headquarters where the interrogations took place and from where actions against criminals were planned.

Johannes BlonK 2018-09 Export USA


Today, 7th September 2018 again something is planned at number 36. This time it is not in Paris but near Strasbourg at number 36, rue de la Dîme.

A few days ago I received a very positive e-mail in the mailbox from an art collector in Pasadena, California who ordered 4 Archi-Minis. With a big smile on my face I started packing and filling-in the paperwork for Customs. You have, for instance, to deliver a declaration about the artworks to be exported in which you state if it concerns original artworks, the year of creation and even if the artist is still alive!

The Archi-minis are well packed, paperwork is in order and now it is up to the driver to pick them up.



Successful exhibition in The Netherlands

BlonK and Lollipop 2018, Bolsward, NL



Again I had the opportunity to show my artworks in another high quality exhibition dedicated to abstract geometric art.


It was held at a very special location, a church located in Bolsward in the Northern province Fryslân in the Netherlands. This church was severly damaged due to a fire in 1980. Except for one door everything made out of wood was transformed into ashes. Demolition was avoided and the remains of the church received a glass roof as you can see in the picture. Lightning was fantastic and everchanging.


The exhibition attracted an important number of geometric art lovers and it really was a success for me as an artist.





There are now 12 Archi-Minis to chose from!

Archi-Minis © Johannes BlonK 2018
And here they are as promised, the new Archi-Minis, placed on a beautiful support made of ash wood they look even more better.

While "upgrading" these small architectural art objects I created 5 new. In total the collection counts 12 differents models now. I would say choice enough, pick one out!

I created every Archi-Mini by hand which means that every Archi-Mini is practically unique although they are made in serie (limited edition). Each copy carries my signature and the branded BlonK-logo.

As the new Archi-Minis with the wooden support look quite different today, I had to take new pictures of the existing models which took me more than two days including the editing work. As from today you can find all the members of the Archi-Mini family on this web site by clicking on: Archi-Mini Collection.

You see and hear from me again shortly through a video presentation.

Keep coming back, buy art and thanks for your attention.

Ash wood

Johannes BlonK 03 2018 ash wood











This is wood, real wood, ash wood! Don't go to a do-it-yourself supermarket, they won't sell it. Fortunately there are many forests here in the Alsace in France and I found a sawmill not far from my workshop able to supply this noble wood essence.

I don't know if you can see in in the picture (try to zoom in) but ash wood really has a beautiful wood grain texture. That's why I will transform these boards in supports for my future Archi-Minis (small architectural art objects).

Within a few weeks I should be able to show you the result.

P.S. If you don't find me photogenic, you are right, but there are worse things in life!

Cold Outside - Painting Inside

Johannes BlonK (02 2018) painting Archi-Minis

Here I am inside the house comfortably heated and with the radio on (I very offent listen to Radio Caroline, one of the old pirate radiostations from the sixties still broadcasting on the internet). In this room I usually paint all the small parts of my artworks. This time I'm working on 2 new artobjects called Archi-Minis.

Today it's blue, yellow and red day, primary colors day.

As I told you in the previous news item, I decided to improve the presentation of the Archi-Minis by placing them on a wooden support. Nowadays is it quite hard to get quality wood of different essences. In do-it-yourself shops you can forget it! Fortunately I live in a region (Alsace in France) where there are a lot of forests. About 10 km from home I found a sawmill where I ordered some beautiful boards of ash wood that I will use to make these supports.

I'm waiting for a call from the sawmill to pick them up and temperatures outside to go up so I can also work on these supports.

Nice from you to follow what I'm doing. See you next time my friend!

Archi-Minis. The family is getting bigger!

As there aren't many Archi-Minis in stock left and I have to restart production I decided to also create two new models each with 2 different color combinations.

Johannes BlonK creating Archi-Minis (2018)


At the moment that I write this article it is rather cold outside and my workshop doesn't have any heating. So if I have something to do that doesn't require special machinery like sanding small parts I rather do it inside the house as shown in the picture taken in the kitchen!

One of the new Archi-Minis, number 5 on the foreground, will have an arch and two towers. At the background on the right you can spot a glimp of the upcoming number 4. Both models will offer interesting perspectives from all sides.

In order to enhance its presentation future Archi-Minis will be placed on a thick wooden support. I will come back to you later with pictures.



BlonK goes Instagram

It seems that the use of Facebook, number one of the social media, is declining rapidly. In a way to stay up-to-date with the movement I decided to start using one of the upcoming stars: Instagram. From today I will regularly post images here. Pass the word!

Instagram lq


Entering dutch gallery Bos Fine Art

I met a really nice couple of galleryholders in the Netherlands recently: Marianne Bos and Paul Essens from Bos Fine Art. They are specialized in promoting abstract geometric art and own galleries in Lelystad and Utrecht and they also have an internet site through which they sell art.

After this very pleasant and interesting rencontre we decided to work together in the future. This gallery also likes to function as a meeting point for artists in the same field and I think it could be a launching site towards other markets like Scandinavia and Germany.

A click on the image below will bring you to their internet site. You can find me under "Artists".

Bos Fine Art EN