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Busy painting the clockplate for the future BlonK ClocK

Do not disturb! I'm busy with a delicate task and I don't want to make a wrong move.


J. BlonK painting the BlonK ClocK (close-up 1) 2019-07



My idea to create a design clock is advancing very well and I've already chosen the name, it will be the BlonK ClocK.


While other elements of the future clock are drying in the cellar (see previous news item) I mounted upstairs in the house where I'm working on a tricky job, painting the clock plate.




Johannes BlonK painting BlonK Clocks (2019-07)




I prefer not to use any prints for the clock plate but to paint the strips and dots by hand in order to add unpredictable, human and unique.

With exception of the time mechanism, the BlonK Clock will be entirely made by hand by the artist in a limited series of 25 pieces.


Johannes BlonK painting the BlonKClocK (2019-07)






As soon as the paint has dryed out it will be time for the next phase: sticking my logo on the clock plate.

I'm very happy to see that you are following me from a distance, that's what an artist needs to keep continue.

So, keep coming back for news 'round' the clock. Greetings from France.

New project, the BlonK ClocK

Stijl klok thijs rinsema museum dr8888 drachten nl

In 2018 during one of my exhibitions in the North of the Netherlands I visited the Dr8888 museum in Drachten. It is a small but very nice museum with interesting artworks and the coffee corner is a reproduction of a part of Salle Aubette in Strasbourg, France. In one of the rooms I was attracted by a clock reconstructed by P. Craanen after a drawing by Thijs Rinsema.

Eversince that day this clock won't get out of my mind and I wondered all the time about making one myself. No way ofcourse making a copy. It has to be a real recognizable minimalistic BlonK ClocK in the traditioni of Bauhaus and The Stijl.

By the end of May 2019 I decided to really go ahead by looking for the right clock mechanism and creating a few expirimental clock houses. End June, just before a nasty heatwave broke out, I finished sawing and sanding all the differents parts for the clock.

I'm very glad to have different workshops and one of them is located in the cellar of the house. Not a really smart workshop but at least very cool in Summer and it allows me to work on different "fronts".


BlonK ClocK in progress, June 2019

The picture taken in the cellar shows all the differents elements ready for the primer paint: the rectangular base plate that will be placed on three small "feet" (there is on visible in the clamp), the clockhouse with the hole for the mechanism and an essai of the clockplate on paper. On the final version I will paint the stripes and the dots for the hours by hand on the clockplate.

Creating this BlonK Clock is my first step in design and it is my objectif to have it ready for September.

You will soon be able to have the accurate artistic time all the time, Summer or Winter!

Archi-Minis vs pop-up books in an exhibition

At the occasion of the opening of a public multimedia library in my village Weyersheim in the Alsace in France I displayed the entire Archi-Mini collection (12 in total). Each model was presented next to another kind of artwork, a pop-up book. Often these books deal with art as the pictures show.

It is really great that despite the fact that these pop-up books are fragile, you can borrow them from the library and display them in your home for some time. Furthermore you also have the advantage that you can turn the page after a few days to obtain another "artwork". Check out your local library and see if you can borrow them too.
Archi-Mini 5B & pop-up bookArchi-Mini 3D with pop-up bookArchi-Mini 4A and pop-up book with Rietveld chair







Crédits of the pop-up books shown in the pictures: left: "Voir le jour" d'Emma Giuliani, middle: "Kandinsky un pop-up poétique" de Claire Zucchelli-Romer, right: "10 Chaises" de Dominique Ehrhard.

Coming back to the Archi-Minis, they are doing very well and are spreading out over the world. I recently sold several copies to the USA, France and the Netherlands. Don't think that I will simply stick to making just Archi-Minis the rest of my life, I'm already working on a new creative adventure. It is about time and design, that's all I will reveal for the moment.

Thanks again for your visit.
See you! A bientôt!

Pop-up Books

Nowadays you find the same stores everywhere, no matter the city, no matter the country, very dull. For about a year or two I was visiting the city of Dordrecht which is located near Rotterdam and I ran into an exceptionnal shop and curiosity drew me inside. It was a shop where they only sold pop-up books. These are books which reveal unexpected three dimensional scenes or structures when you open the pages. Despite the fact that these books are somewhat fragile they are often destinated to children but there are exceptions.

David A. Carter - Pop-up book 600 Black Spots


In the shop I found a very special pop-up book by the American illustrator David A. Carter with the title "600 Black Spots" (ISBN 13: 9781416940920). The picture shows the book lying open with the pages entitled "Mondrian floats with Shadows and 60 Black Spots". In fact the book is more a piece of art than a book and I decided to buy it as it perfectly in line with my own geometric creations. Back home, searching on the internet, I found out that this mister Carter is one of the leading creators of pop-up books.



Another artistic pop-up book that I can recommend is « Mondrian : pop-up monumental » by Claire Zucchelli-Romer, ISBN-13 : 978-2358321860), of which there is a video here:


Archi-Mini vs. Pop-up Exhibition

Archi-Mini 3A (arrière tourné) © J. BlonK 2017

Trait d union temp

Cms vign








At the occasion of the opening of a public library in my village Weyersheim (20 km North of Strasbourg in France) in March 2019 I had the pleasure of showing my latest artworks, the Archi-Minis, right beside the most beautiful pop-up books. As often in life, previous experiences and encounters create new experiences.




​Here is another video by Peter Dahmen Papierdesign that might create the desire to make some pop-ups yourself:



Entering second art gallery in the Netherlands

Logo galerie stijl

The 18th October 2018 I received a warm welcome from HansChristiaan Peters et Etta Adriaanse, the owners of Galerie Stijl in Eefde in the East of the Netherlands near Arnhem and the german border. Their art gallery is specialized in contemporary abstract art with a preference for geometric art.

I've been following the gallery from a distance for more than a year, during this period they moved from Arnhem to Eefde where did a marvelous job tranfsforming a garden center into a spacious art gallery which also houses an art foundation. There is a really nice and large terrace where you can drink tea or coffee and admire the beautiful garden with modern sculptures.

During my visit there was time to show my latest creations, the Archi-Mini's. The gallery owners liked them so much that they decided to to take them in deposit for exhibition. From now on I'm represented by 2 art galleries in the Netherlands. For a dutch artist working in France that means in terms of football a score of France 0 - Pays-Bas 2 !

Link to the gallery (in dutch) by clicking on the logo.


Lots of success Etta & HansChristiaan, let's visit Galerie Stijl!