The Secrets of the Purple Rectangles


While working on other artworks I spreaded this research project out over a period of two years. It was my aim to go as far as possible on the route to extreme minimalism whilst creating intriguing and mysterious artworks.


I did not chose purple because it's my favourite color but mainly while it creates a soft velvet aspect to the artwork and as it absorbes light like a black hole. Furthermore purple is the color of the unconscious, the secret, sometimes threatening, sometimes cheerful and depending on the contrasts switching from oppressive to soft.

Magic Balls (front) © BlonK 2018

One of the Secrets of the Purple Rectangles (front)

Mausoleum (front) © BlonK 2018

The Secrets of the Purple Rectangles - Mausoleum (front)


This series of "The Secrets of the Purple Rectangles" counts seven wall objects. Each artwork has an identical monochrome rectangular front except for "Mausoleum" that has a square cut out in the middle.


The artworks will produce a maximum effect when they are hanging against a white wall with a lot of space around. Variations in lightning and views from different angles will change the aspect of the works. The dark purple painting may look less uniform and shadows created will reveal unexpected depth.

Irresistibly one is attracted by the artwork as you feel that there is more to discover...



Throughout these flat images it is hard to transmit the force of pure minimalisme. The best way to discover these artworks is to see them "live". For the moment I have decided to preserve the unity of the artworks, not to sell them individually and to present them at exhibitions as an ensemble.

On the other hand I don't want to disappoint you too much and therefore I will partially reveal some of the Secrets des Rectangles Violets here.

Mausoleum (top view) © BlonK 2018

The Secrets of the Purple Rectangles - Mausoleum

Trapèze (hidden structure, detail L) © BlonK 2017

The Secrets of the Purple Rectangles - Trapèze

Mausoleum (detail hidden structure L) © BlonK 2018

The Secrets of the Purple Rectangles - Mausoleum

Magic Balls (alignment of hidden balls) © BlonK 2018

The Secrets of the Purple Rectangles - Magic Balls