BlonK ClocK

Blonk ClocK H1 © Johannes BlonK 2019

- Original design.
- Pure and minimalistic.
- In the spirit of the dutch artistic movement De Stijl and the german art school Bauhaus.
- An exclusif timepiece created by the hands of the artist.
- Limited Edition of 25 pieces.
- Acrylic paint on wood, 9 x 32 cm, height 17 cm.

425 € (shipping cost included, deliveries inside EU only)

For worldwide sales please visit: 
 Saatchi Art

BlonK ClocK H1:

Blonk ClocK H1 © Johannes BlonK 2019

Blonk ClocK H1 (turned R 4:3) © Johannes BlonK 2019

BlonK ClocK H1 (detail R. vert.) © BlonK 2019

BlonK ClocK H2:

BlonK ClocK H3:

BlonK ClocK H4:

BlonK ClocK H5:

BlonK ClocK H6: