Artwork stories


Distribution © Johannes BlonKThis artwork is not a scaled model of a factory.

This artwork it the fruit of a a spontanious creation.

I randomly placed objects with different forms on a board until I estime that there is a certain balance. Everyone is allowed to see what he wants. When the work was finished I imagined that it could be some kind of distribution site where liquids are stocked in in reservoirs and transport them from here through pipelines. That's why I gave it the title "Distribution".

Perhaps you noticed the allusion to the famous shoes with red soles and heels by Christian Louboutin,  Highness Kid,  www.christianlouboutin.comChristian Louboutin (
Yes, I wear them quite often!


Dreams (close-up L) © Johannes BlonK

When I observed Dreams, completely mounted together, for the first time I found it a little too "loaded". By picking the colors and leaving space for a lot of white I felt that I restored some peace. As you see artists often have a lot of doubts.

Fortunately the public assured me with a lot of positive reactions during an exhibition in Strasbourg, France.


Dreams (close-up center) © J. BlonK 2016

Today all my doubts have gone away and I'm sure that this 3D painting will look good in your interior. In case you may have a doubt I will drop by your house to show it to you!


For me the beauty of this work lies in the subtile games of colors, lines, shadows and optical effects.

Flyover © Johannes BlonK 2013When I'm standing right in front of this 3-D painting at a few meters distance, I admire its pureness and I want to decrypt the positions of the differents sticks. In my head I feel the need to try other positions. I remember to have done a lot of simulations when I created the artwork and that a minor change in position would make the work less interesting.
Flyover (close-up) © Johannes BlonK 2013

When people get nearer to the artwork they discover that this painting is not flat. Some of the sticks are "floating" and create beautiful shadows.

When I was young  a simple round-a-bout near The Hague was transformed into one of the biggest motorway crossings in the Netherlands were motorways cross over 4 different levels. We called it the fly-over. A little bit like in this artwork.

Geom Flecken

In my opinion an artist always has to be on the road to something new. Fortunately I have enough ideas that wake me up early in the morning! One of the latest flashes I had was about letting the paint flow on the painting in a more or less controlled way.

Geom Flecken in the making


Here is "Geom Flecken" in the making. At the centre of the painting (the right upper corner in the picture) I placed, lifted from the surface, a square divided in four compartments. The pink paint dripped down through a hole and dispersed over the surface underneath.. The finished painting contains 2 pink and 2 grey stains, almost geometric.


Creating an artwork like this is not without risk but life would life be boring without taking any chances!

Geom Flecken © Johannes BlonK

Hang Around

In 2013 when I started I as an artist I wanted to make mobiles.

Johannes BlonK & Hang Around 2017



The master in this field is ofcourse the american painter and sculpter Alexander Calder who died in 1976. His work is so powerful and original that I frightened me more and more to go into this direction so I put the idea of making mobiles on ice. Out of the question to copy, if I would make mobiles than they should be in the BlonK style, nothing else.


And then I had this idea of a hanging object, not really a mobile but an approach. And here it is finished, my first "Open Space" artwork titled Hang Around.

It can be suspended to the ceiling and used to seperate different parts in a big room or office (kitchen/dining room, office/meeting room). The artwork has two differents sides.

Hip To Be Square

Hip To Be Square © Johannes BlonK

This three dimensional painting is quite big and the first out of a series of paintings in the landscape format. It has three squares painted in black-blue that come loose from the background which is something you will not notice from a distance. The left and right squares are also inclined to the top or the bottom at an angle of about 5°.

When I looked for a title to fit the artwork I decided to go for "Hip To Be Square". I don't know if you heard it before but Huey Lewis and the News released a popsong with the same title in 1986 (see video).

The song deals with tendancies, with what is 'in' or 'out'. Things that were oldfashioned have become popular again. It can even concern human behaviour (hippies that became yuppies many years later is a very good example).

Let's conclude by saying that squares are really in fashion this week! You need to have some in your home.



This artwork has a german title: "Kohlenheizung" which means coal heating. It refers to the intense heat delivered by this type of heating.

The 3-D painting has some some particularities. First of all I applied the black paint (representing the coal) with a palette knife to obtain more thickness and irregularities, a special effect you might say. The fire is represented by a beautiful piece of red leather with skin marks that I sticked with glue on a wooden lamina painted carmine red. Have a look at the close-up picture, it is hard to see the transition.

Kohlenheizung (close-up) © J. BlonKKohlenheizung (turned) © J. BlonK

Leaving Town II

Don't you feel the need from time to time to breathe in some fresh air at the countryside? If so this painting might be something for you.

It's very pure and simple. To my opinion there is nothing more to add. The first version of this painting (already sold) is smaller and has less depth. It is part of a series in the landscape format with a line as the main theme. For me it represents the city at the left of the painting and the road that will take us away from this human anthill.

Leaving Town II © Johannes BlonKLeaving Town II (close-up 1) © J. BlonK





La linea osvaldo cavandoli

A person who visited my booth at the art fair in Lyon, France told me that it made him think about the cartoons "La Linea" by Osvaldo Canvandoli. Why not! I did not foresee this but the link is very interesting. 

What I like about abstract art is that is offers free interpretation and as a bonus it is often timeless.


Logo (detail L) © Johannes BlonK

In 2013 I designed this site as well as my own logo. Creating logos is something I like to do and I think that this painting reflects it very well.

Logo" is the result of a spontanious creation. Like a writer in front of a blank piece op paper looking for the right words, I place objets with different forms on a wooden board until the right composition appears. Once the painting was finished I had the impression to have created a new logo and so the title of the work was found.

When I showed it for the first time in Berlin in September 2015 a dutch guy game to me with a big smile on his face. He said: "you know that this painting looks very much like the logo of my company!". So I cannot say that I've chosen the wrong title.


This 3-D painting that I will show you now alludes to the freshness of the vegetation characteristic for this period of the year.

Printemps © Johannes BlonK 2014Dutch pasture

Spring with fresh grass in the meadows, wheat growing in the fields and new leaves on the trees unfolded recently.

This wall assembly also represents the typical landscape of the country were I was born, the Netherlands. You will never forget these ever green meadows mostly seperated by small canals even if you live abroad for a long time already. You can travel in the crowded part of the country (Randstad) between the big cities and suddenly find this landscape on your right and left with cows and windmills of course!



Stelt Orange

Stelt © Johannes BlonK 2014

In 2014 I created "Stelt" (60 x 50 x 3,5 cm), a composition of horizontal stripes made out of thin pine strips place on beechwood plots. The strips were painted white and yellow at the back in order to create mysterious auriols around them. Wood is a material that is subject to deformation and in this 3D painting you can see the result. Most of the strips have bown at the ends creating something unpredictable within a calculated artwork.

Two years later I found that it was time to develop this subject a bit further which resulted in "Stelt Orange".

For this second version I decided to go for a bigger and vertical format (70 x 60 cm). If someone prefers to hang it up horizontally it is possible as both hanging systems are present at the back.

You will notice that I placed the different elements more inside the artwork and that orange has become the principal color adding a lot of energy to this 3D painting. The white stripes are a bit wider and thicker compared to "Stelt" reducing the unpredictable effect due to the deformation of wood. 

Both versions have one thing in common, the auriols around the white stripes. On "Stelt Orange" I applied the same orange paint that I used for the orange plots on the back of the white stripes to create these auriols. I try to obtain a visible effect without creating a "flashing" artwork. For this reason I do not use a fluorescent paint.

You see art and artists evolve over time and that is one of the most interesting things when you are following an artist. Don't you agree?

Stelt Orange © Johannes BlonK


Strak (cropped) © Johannes BlonKStrak (detail top) © J. BlonK 2016This 3D "painting" or wall-assembly if you prefer is called "Strak". It is quite particular as the entire background is covered with purple tainted leather. In fact I used the inner side of the skin which is better known as suede.

The leather I used creates a very warm ambience to the painting and touching it is a real pleasure. Each time you glide you finger over the surface the hairs bend over in another direction changing the aspect of the background.

The creation of this artwork started off with the leather background which traced the framework of the painting. For the first time I used the computer to design the other elements in white, grey and black and all made of wood.

My favorite color is purple but so far I did not apply this color very often in my paintings and sculptures. The next and very special artwork that I will present you here will show you that a change is coming.

Follow the artistic adventure of your favourite artist here by coming back regularly.
See you soon!

White Shadows


This 3D painting, pure and chic, deserves some explanations.

White Shadows (turned) © Johannes BlonK

The three horizontal blades each have a different position with respect to the background. They have been painted pearl with a special iridescent paint. The vertical strips were painted white first in order to receive a final coating of interferent, transparent blue paint. The background is painted with more neutral paint (titanium white).

As you see there are only slight differences and all depends on the way they are exposed to light and the angle under which you look at the painting. This artwork is no longer available.


I often tend to create with "less" meaning using a minimum of colors and formes, searching for somethng pure. This is often the most difficult te realize. The japanese garden below illustrates exactly what I mean.

Jardin zen Kyushu, thanks to:

Zen © Johannes BlonK

Zen (detail top) © Johannes BlonK



With this 3-D painting entitled "Zen" I believe to have created such an atmosphere. It is part of a serie of four paintings finished in January mesuring 62 x 72 cm, the biggest format so far. The painting is the follow-up of a much smaller one that I created last year called "Warm Inside". I possess a very small but practical en economic car (a Renault Twingo) that I use to transport my work. I'm almost in love with this 17 year old car, 240.000 kms on the counter without any big repairs. Therefore I will not make any bigger paintings for the moment so I can keep my little RenaultTwingo!.