The voyages of X

"X" is a sculpture that I created in 2013.
I often take it a along with me when I'm travelling to take a picture of it at interesting places.
You can zoom in the pictures on this pages by clicking on it.

Johannes BlonK taking a picture of X

Busy taking a picture of X. You can find the picture taken at the right.

X by Johannes BlonK, Scheveningen, The Netherlands

Beach of Scheveningen near The Hague in the Netherlands. At the background the Kurhaus.

X by Johannes BlonK in Leidschendam (The Netherlands)

Leidschendam, my birthplace, 10 km from The Hague in the Netherlands. This farm can be found just outside the city. The owners have a splendid view on three windmills (De Drie Molens) in a row.

X by Johannes BlonK in Berlin, Konzerthaus

Incredible, they even rolled out the red carpet for X this time! It's is September 2015 and we're in the heart of Berlin at the Gendarmenmarkt. It is one of the most beautiful squares in the city where you can find three neoclassical buildings: the German Cathedral (Deutsche Dom) at the left, the Konzerthaus in the middle and the French Cathedral (Französische Dom) at the right.

X by Johannes BlonK in Berlin, TV tower

Completed in 1969, the TV tower with a height of 368 meters has become the emblem of the city of Berlin. You can find at the Alexander Platz (former East Berlin) where a lot of DDR epoque buildings made way for modern architecture.

X by Johannes BlonK Berlin Franz.Dom

Following the picture above, this is the Französische Dom at the Gendarmenmarkt.

X artwork by Johannes BlonK in Trier, Germany

One picture, two artworks, X and Eliane MENGUS my girlfriend. We stopped early in the morning for coffee at the marketplace (Hauptmarkt) in  Trier, Germany.

X & Johannes in Strasbourg at the open air art fair (2014)

Surrounded by tents from other artists I hold X at the open air art fair at Place Broglie in Strasbourg, France. Picture taken in September 2014.

X by Johannes BlonK in Lille (North of France)

Here we are in the North of France in 2015 in front of a hotel that was subject to a sex scandal in France.

X by Johannes BlonK at the Binnenhof, The Hague, The Netherlands

The Hague, The Netherlands, 'Het Binnenhof'" siege of the dutch Government.

X by Johannes BlonK, Townhall of Brumath, France, 2015

Brumath, France in March 2015. The first BOMS (BlonK One-Man-Show) was held nearby.

X by Johannes BlonK in Sneek, The Netherlands, 2015

Sneek, The Netherlands. X in front of the Waterpoort (water gate). Originally there were four of these gates to defend the city against attacks over water.You can find this beautiful small town in the northern province Fryslân where they speak Frys, an official language co-existing with dutch. 

X by Johannes BlonK in Brussels, Belgium

And here is a holiday picture of "X" taken in the center of Brussels at the main square, the "Grand-Place". Nearby the Grand-Place you can find another great (but small in size) tourist attraction: Manneken Pis. This small fountain figure is almost 400 years old, it has been stolen several times (by the french and the british), it has a wardrobe of more than 900 costumes and an internet site: Although the site is in french only it is worth the visit.

"X" is proudly posing in front of "The Zonnestraal" a former sanatorium in Hilversum in the center of the Netherlands. The building was designed by the architect Jan Duiker and is an example of the "Nieuwe Bouwen". In 1995, the estate was submitted to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is currently on the Tentative List. The photo was taken in 2019 during the exhibition "Essentie 100 years Bauhaus" in which I participated.

X in Haguenau, France for Solo Exhibition 2020
Here we are in 2020, "X" is still looking great! I placed the art object on the edge of the foutain with dolphins in the historic heart of Haguenau (North-East of France). At the background the former city hospital that was built in 1757. The center part was the chapel with something peculiar: a dome that made it possible for patients on the upper floor sto assist to the service. Since 2013 it carries the name Espace Saint-Martin where modern art exhibitions are hosted. In 2020 I held my third important solo exhibition here, the BOMS (BlonK One-Man-Show).