abstract art

Strak dressed in leather

Strak (cropped) © Johannes BlonK 2016

Strak (detail top) © J. BlonK 2016This 3D "painting" or wall-assembly if you prefer is called "Strak". It is quite particular as the entire background is covered with purple tainted leather. In fact I used the inner side of the skin which is better known as suede.

The leather I used creates a very warm ambience to the painting and touching it is a real pleasure. Each time you glide you finger over the surface the hairs bend over in another direction changing the aspect of the background.

The creation of this artwork started off with the leather background which traced the framework of the painting. For the first time I used the computer to design the other elements in white, grey and black and all made of wood.

My favorite color is purple but so far I did not apply this color very often in my paintings and sculptures. The next and very special artwork that I will present you here will show you that a change is coming.

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Leaving Town

Don't you feel the need from time to time to breathe some fresh air at the countryside?

If so this painting might be something for you: 

Leaving Town © Johannes BlonK 02 2016


Leaving Town

Is the title of one of my latest 3D paintings. It's very pure and simple. To my opinion there is nothing more to add. This painting is one of a series in the landscape format with a line as the main theme.



La linea osvaldo cavandoli



A person who visited my booth at the art fair in Lyon, France told me that it made him think about the cartoons "La Linea" by Osvaldo Canvandoli. Why not! I did not foresee this but the link is very interesting.



For me it represents the city at the left of the painting and the road that will take us away from this human anthill. What I like about abstract art is that is offers free interpretation and as a bonus it is often timeless. 

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Hip To Be Square

Just before installing my booth at the international fair for contemporary art in Metz (North-East of France) I decided to use the neutral background to present a brand new artwork.

Johannes BlonK & Hip To Be Square 2016

This three dimensional painting is quite big (35 x 140 cm) and the first out of a series of paintings in the landscape format which you aren't used to see from me.

As it contains three squares I decided to go for "Hip To Be Square" as a title. I don't know if you heard it before but Huey Lewis and the News released a popsong with the same title in 1986 (you can find the clip below).

The song deals with tendancies, with what is 'in' or 'out'. Things that were oldfashioned have become popular again. It can even concern human behaviour (hippies that became yuppies many years later is a very good example).

Let's conclude this article by saying that squares are really in fashion this week! You need to have some in your home.