Artwork refreshed

On 10/11/2021

Four to Five © BlonK 2014Today I will take you back in time to 2014 to present you an artwork which I created that year. The tittle is "Four To Five". From this period I hardly have any artworks left unsold apart from two artworks that I decided to keep in my own artists collection. A good reason I thought to have a critical look at this piece. My girlfriend always found it a little bit sad with the grey background. Although I do not always take her critics in account, this time (even when it is not easy to admit), I have to give her right.

So I found it was time to revisit and refresh this artwork. Time's up for the dull grey background, let's make things more positive! Grey has become Titan white, turquoise became dark green and magenta was turned into carmin and I also interchanged the position of two items (find out which). There is one thing however that did not change and that it quite rare in the artworld: you can hang it on the wall or place it as a sculpture! 

And now let's us have a look at the new "Four To Five":

Four To Five (vert. 1-1) © BlonKFour To Five (vert. diagonal 1-1) © BlonK  Four To Five (horizontal 1-1) © BlonK